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War Poems about the Iraq War
Welcome home our prisoners of war
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To: The Brave

Poem POWs welcome home...



Homes await our prisoners of war…

Now our rooms are filled with tears of rejoicing

Through the many sleepless nights…

And days of agonizing about your fate

Good news have finally eased our torturous burdens

The yellow ribbons of hope remain loyally alive…

Family, friends and strangers are thoughtfully on our side

You were once captured guests of the enemy…

We prayed constantly for your safe release

Who says that God does not answer prayers?

You are all testimonies to the Lord’s will

We were helpless… we were sad

We didn’t know whether we would see you again

We were watching… and we were waiting

Time seemed trite in our journey of hopelessness

We knew that with every dead body… relatives grieve

But the thoughts of the unknown were even more distressful

The pains of war have hit home like an unexpected vicious storm…

Now the rainbow… now the calm

Love’s pouring excitingly in our arms



Dennis Dames

Nassau, Bahamas

Bahamian Poem

D A. Dames Love Poetry Domain

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