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War Poems about the Iraq War
For war against war
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Thoughts mount...

Poem For war… against war

Another day of fighting

Another day of wars

More casualties to count

More wounded mount

Prisoners of war increase

Propaganda consistently release

Who do we believe?

Missiles and bombs hit their targets

Occasionally, they stray- killing the innocents

Reality of wars becomes transparent

The cost is monumental

Affecting tearfully someone’s mother, father, sister, brother and more

A love one is gone forever

The conflicts continue

The cycle’s renewed

War for peace… a noble objective

Peace for war… an immoral exchange

For war… against war

A world divided… a world apart

Peace is held hostage

By man’s inability to love and live in harmony

Why do we fight, and kill one another?

It’s the question of the generations

Perhaps one-day war will be defeated…

And conciliation become the blueprint of existence



Dennis A. Dames

Nassau, Bahamas

Bahamian Poetry

D A. Dames Love Poetry Domain

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