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We are living in a social media-based world, and the notion of using online content to brand marketing has grown significantly.

Author: Lauren Stevens

Gone are the days, when merely setting up a website to generate revenue was in fashion. This is because, people needed more than just a well-built website to drive traffic. And this led to the increase in demand of Online Marketing Services. Online marketing services offer businesses with enhanced website visibility, increased traffic and sales. One among them is content marketing - a proven and arguably the most critical aspect of an inbound marketing strategy.

A survey says that 75% of consumers looks for informational content rather than ads, and with an estimated 60% business decision makers saying that content helps them in making better purchase decisions, we're definitely going to see fiery growth in the way businesses ‘do' online marketing. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly craving for genuine, customer-focused information that content marketing delivers.

Lately, content marketing has become a popular discipline in marketing. But a major problem that most of the businesses face is that only a handful of content strategists are present in the market that actually knows what they're talking about.

What is Content Marketing?
Before discussing about the developments in content marketing, let's first understand what content marketing is all about. Content marketing is a critical component that provides valuable information or content to attract, engage and convert visitors into potential customers. In simple words, the primary focus of content marketing is on building the trust and relationship and creating positive sentiment with the customers.

What's New in Content Marketing?
We are living in a social media-based world, and the notion of using online content to brand marketing has grown significantly. And thus, content marketing today is not just limited to article writing, blog posts, e-books, newsletters, social media posts, white paper and webpages, but it also includes slide decks, videos, images, and much more. What's more, content marketing is your search engine optimization.

Top search engine like Google and others provides higher ranking to the content that is good in terms of editorial quality and relevance. Well-written content not only drives traffic to your website, but also improves organic search engine optimization.

Things to Consider while creating Content
The most important thing that one needs to focus while developing content is to present it in a way that shows off your business expertise and highlights your business services. Also, another thing that is important is to frequently update your website content, since it helps in attracting repeat site visitors.

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About the Author

Lauren Stevens is a blogger and an online marketer for a leading Online Marketing Agency. He provides concrete information about online marketing solutions including SEO, PPC, SMM, Online Reputation Management and Content Marketing Services.

In the present scenario, Content Marketing is arguably the best and the most preferred online marketing strategy. Content marketing today isn't just about developing content, rather it is about creating customer-focused information.