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There's more to network marketing than MLM

Here's What They Don't Want You To Know About Building a MLM Downline

By: Vernita Sherman

There has been a movement going on in the network marketing industry in the past 4 years and I can now say that I believe strongly in it. First let's get one thing strait - There's more to network marketing than MLM. MLM is network marketing, but network marketing consists of more than just MLM because not all network marketing companies have a multi -level structure. Furthermore, not all network marketing companies focus on traditional downline building.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about the movement - it is called G.P.T. Network Marketers and MLM distributors are throwing in the towel on downline building in favor of G.P.T. A few years back, a very well respected and successful home based business entrepreneur wrote a letter in a Starbucks coffee shop that introduced the network marketing industry to a concept that he called G.P.T. which stands for Get Paid Today. Many people to this day still don't know who wrote that letter, nor do they know what company and marketing strategy influenced this networker to write such a powerful letter.

Forget all the conspiracy theories and all of the misinformation about the letter because I have inside knowledge of the truth. The man who wrote that letter is none other than Mike Dillard himself. Mike doesn't talk about the letter in his magnetic sponsoring book, nor does he talk about the network marketing company that he is associated with because that is not the purpose of magnetic sponsoring. Mike knows that not everyone will understand nor agree with the G.P.T. concept so he doesn't force it on you by teaching it in his magnetic sponsoring course and I think that he was very wise for leaving it out.

You see, you have to have a certain mentality to understand G.P.T. and the masses do not have that mentality. Mike Dillard exposed what's now known as "The Coffee House Letter" to those who were ready to learn the truth about MLM and building a downline and decided to teach the masses the basics on how to generate leads and use funded proposals to make money. Most network marketers and MLM distributors only care about generating more leads to build a downline, they unfortunately don't want to hear about the facts mentioned in The Coffee House Letter, and Mike knew that.

I actually joined the network marketing company that Mike Dillard is a part of and I also became a member of the internet marketing training community that he is affiliated with. The reason is because, in my opinion, it's easier to create wealth utilizing the G.P.T. concept mixed with the proper continuous internet marketing education and the proper financial education (which is taught by the main company) that allows you to create long term assets.

Learn Exactly how to create a profitable sales funnel for your MLM business and seriously increase your internet marketing potential by watching my FREE training videos. These free videos will show you step by step how to utilize the G.P.T. concept mentioned in the Coffee House Letter to create a successful home based business online.

About the Author

Vernita Sherman has been called "The Queen of No Hype Marketing" because of her sincere and straight to the point marketing style. You can get free instant access to her Online Sales Funnel Blueprint Videos by visiting

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Article Source: - Here's What They Don't Want You To Know About Building a MLM Downline

MLM is network marketing, but network marketing consists of more than just MLM because not all network marketing companies have a multi -level structure...