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In the last two years selling products and services has exploded on the internet...

Sales Tips For Network Marketers

By: karl keller

When it comes down to brass tacks many network marketers realize too late that success in this industry requires an in depth knowledge of sales.  The new recruit sees their sponsor doing well and thinks I can do that.  However, they aren't aware of the sales techniques, methods, and business acumen that the sponsor had to develop to achieve these results.  Don't let this happen to you.  Understand that this is a business in sales and should be treated as such.  Here are some key sales tips for network marketers.


To start with I recommend building your sales abilities and knowledge by grabbing books from some of the best in the field of sales training.  Examples include Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie & Tom Hopkins.  Don't succumb to just those resources in your network marketing company.  "Sales" is an art and a science with great depths.  You must do what you can to learn both aspects to achieve the best results possible for you.  Invest time daily discovering all that you can about sales from multiple resources to develop your abilities.


In the last two years selling products and services has exploded on the internet.  The reason is simple, leverage.  Nowhere else can one reach targeted buyers 24/7 using systems that do the selling, telling and explaining for you.  Don't ignore the old methods taught in network marketing as they have their place in communicating with buyers, but open up to the newest trends as you go.  A unique aspect with the internet way of sales is the pull vs. pushing of sales.  Based on your marketing you only attract those looking for what you offer.  Therefore, those buyers are qualified and interested vs. shouting at the masses with interruption methods.  Seek training on how to incorporate internet marketing into your network marketing business for bigger results than the traditional methods taught in this industry.


 The last sales tip is touched on in the first two points I expressed.  Did you catch it?  It all comes down to "You".  People are not that interested in your product or service, but are most interested in the value you bring to the table.  By investing in your training, skills, and abilities you can then provide more to the buyer than just a product or service.  One last piece that takes things deeper into "You" is your "Why".  People relate to people and their experiences.  Allow others to see themselves in you and they will join you in your efforts, your why, and your business.

About the Author

I'm Karl Keller online entrepreneur & coach taking leverage to main-street by sharing the new online marketing home business model and education system. Contact me for more information and ideas.



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People are not that interested in your product or service, but are most interested in the value you bring to the table...