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Dames Genealogy Bahamas

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Welcome to Dames Bahamas Blog!

This Web log is for all information regarding the history and ancestry of the Dames Family in The Bahamas.


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Our ancestors are part of who we are...

Welcome to the Dames Bahamas genealogy search pages and information gathering on the history, and descendents of The Bahamas Dames.  Anyone with information regarding such a huge family in the islands should feel free to contact Dennis Dames, the Webmaster at:


All information will be posted on this site, for the purposes of discussion and sharing.


Early Dames Settlers to The Bahamas


Charles Dames


According to A. Talbot Bethell’s: "The Early Settlers of the Bahama Islands with Account of the American Revolution"  (1930), The Names of Loyalist Settlers and Grants of Land, Which They Received from the Bahamian Government:
1778 – 1783


One Charles Dames received the following Crown Grant:


DAMES, Charles, 2/4 acres, Great Exuma
DAMES, Charles, 800 acres, Little Exuma
DAMES, Charles, 9 acres, Little Exuma
He is believed to be The Patriarch of the Dames Family
in The Bahamas, and His tomb is thought to be the one located
in the “Cholera” cemetery on the Eastern Parade- opposite the
Paradise Island Bridge- Nassau Bahamas.
The info on the vault like the others, in the graveyard has been
severely weathered in regards to the inscriptions.
Charles Dames’ name could still be seen dimly.
Samuel Dames

Samuel Dames arrived in The Bahamas (Nassau) on board the transport ship 'Charlotte' from St. Marys- East Florida- June 23, 1784.


Any further info on Charles, Samuel, and other Early Dames is welcomed here and will be greatly appreciated.

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