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Dames Genealogy Bahamas

Lawful Children of Henry Moss Dames_ Pure Gold_ Andros Island_ Bahamas

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Lawful Children of Henry Moss Dames and – Frances Cooper Dames/ [Bertha Elvira Dames].  [Pure Gold- Andros Island-Bahamas]. 

Note: The latter was the wife at the time of his death- December 13, 1915 - [She might of been much younger than him].  He married Frances Cooper on- August 13th, 1859 Exuma- Bahamas.  No info on whether she died in marriage or was divorced.

I strongly believe that she died in marriage, and most or all of the children listed below- was born of her.


1] Richard Rawson Dames

2] Harriet Elizabeth Dames

3] Lenora Frances Dames

4] Ellen Dawn Dames

5] Melissa Dames

6] Henry Moss Dames

7] Thomas Henry Dames (My Great Grand Father)

8] Daniel Lofton Dames

9] William Vesey Dames

10] Mahaleel or Mahala Willerup nee Dames

11] Melinda Sawyer nee Dames


I was informed that there were twelve children, but one of them- a daughter- got pregnant before marriage and was not therefore acknowledged in the will of her father.

When I receive her name, it will be added here.


Henry Moss Dames was a Farmer and owner of a sailboat called, “Nymph”.

Thomas H. Dames (My Great Grand Father- 1886-1957) owned a 32ft vessel- Registration: Say I

Richard Dames (My Great Grand Uncle- approx. 1860- 1935) owned a 34ft vessel Registration: Searcher

The Dames family of Andros Island- Bahamas was known boat builders and sailors.  That makes it very difficult tracing all the kin, because everywhere they went in the islands, Caribbean and Americas- they dropped their “seeds”.

By Dennis A. Dames

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Nassau, Bahamas


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