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Dames Genealogy Bahamas

Early Dames Marriages Bahamas

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Dames Bahamas

The Following is a list of marriages in The Bahamas
involving Dames from the 1840's:

1: Waller Dames to Elizabeth Dalancy-

Oct.05, 1840 Nassau

2: Samuel Lightbourne to Chloe Dames

Nov.24., 1841 Grand cays-Bahamas

3: George Wallace to Maria Dames

August 1842 Nassau

4: Jack Dames to Maryann

May.28, 1843 Exuma

5: Winsor to Maryann Dames

May 28, 1843 Exuma

6: Albert Dames to Frederica

May.28, 1843 Exuma

7: Sam Dames to Patricia Dames

May.28,1843 Exuma

8: Isaac Weech to Sarah Dames

March.19 1844 Adelaide

9: Alexander Dames to Daisy Finlayson

Aug.05, 1845 Fox Hill

10: Abner Strachan to Eve Dames

December 1846 Nassau

11: John H. Dames to Anita Mcfee

Jan.27, 1852 Moss Town Exuma

12: George Young to Augusta Dames

Feb.09, 1854 Little Exuma

13: Walter Dames to Lydia Brown

Jun.26, 1854 Nassau

14: John Ford to Phillis Dames

Oct.28, 1855 Ragged Isl.

15: Stephen Dames to Hanny Curry


16: Henry W.F.Smith to Melinda C. Dames

May.05, 1859 Little Exuma

17: Henry M. Dames to Frances Cooper

Aug.13, 1859 Exuma.

So, we now know that my great great grand father, Henry M. Dames-among other Dames were married in Exuma Isl. Bahamas. They apparently moved to South Andros Isl. shortly thereafter and others remained or migrated to
other Isls.

We also know that his first wife's name was Frances Cooper. At his death, his wife was Bertha Elvira Dames.

It appears that on May 28, 1843: About

4(four) Dames marriages
took place in Exuma.

One involving a "Winsor" to Maryann Dames.

By:  Dennis A. Dames

Nassau, Bahamas



Dames Bahamas

...Tracing the Bahamas Dames Family

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