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Bride of My Visions

The Bride of My Dreams

Bride of the Vision

Poem Bride of the Vision



Flood of love flows from the source

Keeping me satisfied to the core…

Dreams of a woman exclusively mine…

Bride of the vision all the time


Flowing love of approval sweet

Woman of my heart greets…

Always convivial in my thoughts

Lady to have and to hold


Good daydreams in every season

The perfect one for our home…

Bride of visions hold my interest…

Sweetheart of my cheerful soul


Partner in continual union

Like your images that nurture my existence…

Fused to love eternally…

Living for the one who too loves me


Dancing united in perpetual love

Dearest to prize forever…

Fuel of joy sustaining and bona fide

The dream in action, and love’s breathing strong


2005 Dennis A. Dames

Nassau, Bahamas

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